Commercial Development and Environmental

Commercial Development and Environmental

Our law firm advises clients in all issues of commercial development and management including land use, zoning, construction disputes, leasing, and environmental review and permitting.


Roach, Lennon & Brown regularly advises clients in managing the conflicting needs of developers, lenders, tenants, public authorities, and other community stakeholders to find appropriate and cost-effective solutions for commercial real estate projects. Roach, Lennon & Brown takes a practical and comprehensive approach to addressing all issues of commercial development, from site evaluation, due diligence, and acquisition, to zoning, permitting, and environmental review. In response to the growing demands for sustainable, energy efficient development, Roach, Lennon & Brown assists clients in navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by renewal energy. The firm’s Commercial Development and Environmental practice includes:

  • Complex Real Estate Development
  • Architectural and Construction Contracts
  • Environmental Review, Permitting, Compliance and Zoning
  • Residential, Commercial and Professional Condominiums
  • Title Examination and Conveyancing
  • Residential and Commercial Leasing
  • Private and Governmental-Assisted Financing
  • Renewable Energy and Solar Leasing
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Construction Disputes

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